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D'Accord Management Services provides consultancy and support to help businesses reduce costs and improve their effectiveness.

Our core capabilities and methods include lean management processes, risk management, compliance and operational effectiveness.

D'Accord Management Services can help your business to grow and reach its full potential.

Measureable business improvement with an experienced management consultant in Leicester

D’Accord Management Services develop strategies for business improvement using the EFQM Business Excellence principles and our extensive hands-on experience in general management, operations and compliance. We will help you to identify areas within your business that lack effective processes and therefore use our proven models and processes to ultimately improve standards in areas of risk.

Improve performance with an experienced business consultant

Using an established business consultancy means your business will benefit from proven techniques and successes. Making it easier for everyone to focus on what really adds value for your customers and stakeholders is fundamental. By analysing your business processes we help you to identify where management and operational activities can be simplified or eliminated and where costs and risks can be eliminated or controlled. If your processes and day-to-day running is improved, this has a cumulative effect and makes a long term difference.

We offer struggling companies a business turnaround plan

Reduce wasted effort and confusion by changing the approach for dealing with operations, quality control and regulations. This is where the experience of our management consultancy can really help to turn a struggling business into a profitable one. A complete business turnaround can be achieved by identifying where loss of effectiveness is occurring and implementing plans and strategies to eliminate waste of time or resources.

Realise year-on-year profit growth from your business

By using the principles of the EFQM Business Excellence model and implementing measurable strategies, we can help you to achieve your goals for profit growth simply by influencing and changing techniques and approaches within
your business. With experience in senior and executive roles in operations, compliance and
general management we can help to break down internal barriers and align departmental
activities to deliver continuous improvements.

Located in Leicester, we support those businesses based in or looking to do business
in the Midlands.

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